My First NPC Competition: Part 1


So, you think you want to compete in an NPC Bikini Competition?  Not so fast!!  I want to discuss the first steps in order to ensure you are going to have an enjoyable and rewarding experience as I did when I competed.  So pull up a seat and make sure you take the time to read this! Many girls do competitions for the wrong reasons (sponsorships, money, to get skinny, etc) and I want to show you that you can compete in competitions the RIGHT way and do it for the right reasons.

1. Do Your Research

I emailed several popular bikini competition teams and coaches before I decided to compete.  I am so glad I did this.  First, I wanted to ask questions, get a feel for what they would be telling me to do to my body, and make sure I was getting my money’s worth.  Many coaches replied to my questions with a simple cookie cutter Word document about their program and their prices.  Well, this was not good enough for me.  I always emailed them back to inquire about post-competition, posing help, macronutrients, and ensuring my body was in a good place.  Many coaches did not ever respond to my questions.  I almost decided to give up right then!  So many girls think being on a “team” will get them the placing they want and their Pro Card, and yes, you might have to make that choice if you want to be in the big league, but I don’t recommend joining a team unless you know that they will pay attention to you!  You also don’t want to try to prepare for a competition if you are eating a very limited calorie diet, ie less than 1200 calories each day.  You may want to look into reverse dieting before you compete and try to limit your calories even more.  If you are already eating less than 1200 calories, how do you expect to lose body fat…by eating 800-1000 calories?  That is just unhealthy and I do not recommend.





2. Find a Legitimate Coach

Make sure you hire a coach who is knowledgable and understands macronutrients and micronutrients.  They should not be telling you to eat chicken and asparagus to get lean.  They should take what you are eating now and adjust it in order for you to lean out and in order to provide nutrients to promote muscle growth.  Please do not hire a coach because he or she looks good.  This means nothing.  Ask questions!!!  If you want more information on the coach I worked with (Sean Torbati), don’t hesitate to comment on this post or email me at  I highly recommend Sean and wish everyone could utilize Sean as their coach.  I had the most positive experience with him (no crazy cardio, sodium or water depletion, no cutting out food groups) and continue to look up to him as a role model in the industry.

3. Stay Confident

You may continue to doubt yourself. I did for 2 years.  And guess what my advice is? YOU CAN DO IT.  Continue to tell yourself this daily.  Ask yourself; will I regret it if I never compete?  If your answer is similar to mine-YES-then you know you need to take the correct steps to get stage ready.  Continue to remind yourself how far you have come and that you can and will do this.  Times will get tough preparing for the competition but it will 100% be WORTH IT.

Have you thought about competing in an NPC Bikini competition?

What is stopping you??


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