WIAW: Day in the Life of a Dietitian

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Thanks for the fun link-up Jenn!

Hi there!  This is officially my first What I Ate Wednesday post and I am sure excited to show you all how I eat according to my goals and still have fun with foods.  My goals currently are to reverse diet from my bikini competition and fuel my workouts.  I am still pretty lean even after 4 months of reverse dieting so I am continuing to add more food (mostly carbs and fats) every 2 weeks or so.


Breakfast was 1/2 cup oats mixed with 1/2 scoop Jay Robb vanilla whey protein and topped with 2 tablespoons peanut butter and low sugar blackberry jam.IMG_2971IMG_2975

Lunch was quick and easy as work got crazy.  I think I worked through lunch and I HATE doing that! I had meal prepped this Sriracha tilapia (responsibly farm raised) on Sunday and heated up some green beans as well.  On the side was a plain Quaker rice cake with 2 Tablespoons of this amazing honey-roasted almond butter that I found at Central Market.  It’s sweet and salty and doesn’t have added oils or sugar (just honey) so I absolutely approve!

IMG_3384 IMG_3009

Meal 3 (pre-workout) was a Chocolate Brownie Quest bar warmed in the microwave and then I sandwiched 1 tablespon peanut butter in the middle.  I actually got to stop home before the gym so that was a lovely moment when I got to eat my Quest bar on a real plate! IMG_2988

I was starving after dinner and was SO ready for dinner!! Dinner is usually Meal 4 for me out of 5 meals each day.  I cooked up 1 egg and 3/4 cup egg white scrambled in coconut oil, kale and brussel sprout crunch salad mix from Trader Joe’s, and 4 oz sweet potato sprinkled with cinnamon (unpictured-sorry!!).

IMG_3017 IMG_3015

My final meal of the day was 1 banana with 2 tablespoons peanut butter and then a proyo bowl (protein frozen yogurt) that was a whipped protein smoothie.  This had 1/2 small banana, MTS cookies and cream whey, 6 ice cubes, and a pinch of xantham gum to make it extra thick.  I added one of my frozen double chocolate protein brownies crumbled on top.  This always fills me up SO much and makes me fall asleep with a happy belly 🙂

So there was my Wednesday! Yes, I am a day late but I am new to this thing ok?  I hope to talk more about my overall day next WIAW. I love my job and my workouts and want to highlight those as well.

What is your favorite nut butter? Brand? Type?


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