November Goals

I love starting each month out with a fresh set of goals. Anyone else?  I like to put my goals in categories: Personal, Career, Fitness, and Nutrition.  Usually the personal goals involve family, friends, traveling, and inner growth.  The career goals are based around where I see myself in 5 years and items I need to get done professionally.  The fitness goals usually are based around a strength training goal I have.  The nutrition goal is usually around creating new recipes, trying out new products, meal planning and preparation.

I would love to share my fitness and nutrition goals for the month.  My career goals may bore some of you so I am not including!!  And my personal goals are something I am always working on and would love to share as well.



1. Check back on article written for local fitness magazine (Personal)

2. Travel to Nashville and Tampa to see family members and enjoy the weekends without feeling like I am getting ‘off track’ (Personal)

3. Get back to being able to do 8 unassisted pull-ups in a row (Fitness)

4. Create new protein pancake recipes (Nutrition)

5. Continue to find new carbohydrate sources for dinner meals so I don’t feel bored with meals (Nutrition)

What are your personal goals?  Do mine align with any of yours?  I always try to limit my goals to 5 so I don’t overwhelm myself!




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