WIAW: Pre-Travel Eating

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Happy Wednesday! Let’s get rolling on another What I Ate Wednesday post for you.  I really love sharing these days to show others that you can truly eat what you want and not have to deprive yourself.  I myself am guilty of not eating consistently throughout the day,  restricting my intake, overeating at nights or on weekends, and also of trying to have a perfect diet.

Where did that get me?  Nowhere.

So now, I enjoy appropriate amounts of my favorite foods (peanut butter, cereal, sweet potatoes, eggs, etc-yes these area actually my favorite foods) and I feel like I have such a better relationship with food.  It’s amazing what can happen when you open your eyes to different ways of eating.  I call this way of eating Balanced or Flexible as I enjoy eating mostly whole foods (ie clean eating) but I also get to enjoy treats because I am honoring my body and what it needs.

This post is dedicated to getting in lots of micronutrients before I leave for Nashville on Friday!  I will be enjoying myself on a fun “girls weekend”!  My aunts, cousins, sister, and Mom all plan this annual trip and I am just so excited to see everyone and enjoy the city.  The CMA’s (Country Music Awards) are actually there this week as well so hopefully there will be lots of fun things to do (even though country music isn’t my FAVORITE).  I can’t wait to indulge but I also plan on bringing snacks along as well!  Thank you Jenn for such a fun experience linking-up!



Breakfast consisted of banana pumpkin coconut butter protein oats in a jar!  Yikes, that’s a long name. Basically, I made my protein oats with a new-to-me protein powder: MTS Whey Banana Cream Pie. Verdict is still out on the banana flavor of this whey protein.  I really like the other MTS Whey flavors but this banana flavor just smells like banana flavor?  And not bananas.  Remember the candy “Runts”?  Remember the banana one? This is sort of what that tastes like.  Which some people might love!! I’m not so sure about yet…


After I cook 45 grams of oats with 2/3 scoop protein powder, I top with 1/4 cup of pumpkin, and then layer in an almost-empty coconut butter jar with more coconut butter.  I really think the key is layering the oats, pumpkin, and coconut butter so you get some of each in each bite when you dive into the oatmeal.


Lunch was my usual with a different twist!  I had fresh basil from my work’s gardens to top my fish off with.  I also used a lemon-cilantro chutney to flavor the fish.  This has AMAZING flavor.  I’ll have to take a picture of the chutney to show you!  This is 4 oz of fish and 1 cup of broccoli smothered in Sriracha. Finished with lunch dessert of a Quaker plain rice cake and organic smooth peanut butter on my “Portion Plate” I use with clients.


I found these “Lean Protein and Fiber” ThinkThin bars at Target and really love them!  They are super tasty and the stats aren’t bad either.  One bar has 150 calories, 20 grams of carbohydrate, 10 grams of protein, and 4.5 grams of fat.  I love eating them with a handful of almonds (usually 1/2 a serving) as well too for a mid-afternoon snack!


Dinner is always after I workout and has lots of carbs to help my muscles grow.  This is only part of my dinner.  4 oz of salmon, a BOATLOAD more of delicata squash, and green beans.  I covered the squash in cinnamon after the picture 🙂

Dessert consisted of 2 slices of sprouted grain toast, 2 tablespoons of Naturally More peanut butter, sugar-free honey and a protein smoothie made with Cellucor mint chocolate chip protein, 1 frozen banana, and tons of ice.

Thanks for reading along.  How do you categorize your own eating habits?  How is your day going?


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