Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud


Hi guys.  Today is Thursday which means I get to link-up with Amanda over at Running with Spoons to come up with another random list of my Thursday thoughts. These are supposed to be random.  So I apologize now.

1. I am so SO excited to visit Nashville this weekend.  Like who gets that excited to see their mom?!  Haha JK.  I’m literally best friends with my mom and can’t wait to see her, my sister, my aunts, and cousin for a fun ‘girls weekend’ in Nashville.  I have no idea our plans (some of my aunts have already been there) but I can’t wait to just be around people I love.  Any sites that I must see in Nashville? Any restaurants or food that Nashville is known for and I should visit? PLEASE help me out!!

( Things to See in Nashville

2. I have scoliosis which means I have a very large curve in my spine.  I have been lifting weights now for about 3 years and took a progress picture of my back today and was amazed.  I thought I was going to be “doomed” to have back pain as I age because of my scoliosis.  Now I know that I can lift heavy, increase the muscle strength of my back and have better posture and feel better.  Strength training really is amazing.  Isn’t not just to look ‘fit’ or ‘toned’ but there are SO many other reasons to lift weights!  My back is strong and I love it.  I posted the picture on my Instagram dietitiandeanna if you would like to see 🙂


Eating donuts because I heard these were the best!


3. I hate when clients try to ‘label’ their eating patterns.  That’s great if you want to eat Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-Free, IIFYM, Clean Eating, or whatever but I am not going to judge you if you eat salmon when you say you are Vegan. Or if you eat a bite of cupcake and you are Gluten-Free.  Why do humans think you need a ‘label’ on your eating habits to make it ‘healthy’?  You can be healthy without a label.  You are more than a label.  I know I am a mix of SO many eating ‘labels’  so why would I try to conform to one specific label when my body feels best eating all foods in moderation?  No, I don’ t like eating cake or pizza on the regular but if I want one of these things, I am sure not letting a ‘food label’ stop me!


Pizza in NYC

Keeping it short and sweet today so I have time to pack and actually get some sleep!  Although now I am craving pizza and donuts… 🙂



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