Weekend in Nashville

Hi yall!

Last weekend I went to Nashville for a girls weekend with my family (aunts, cousins, cousin-in-law (?), sister, and Mom) and had an absolute blast.  I’m realizing more and more how important it is to live in the moment and not take a second of our precious life for granted.  It was a quick weekend trip but we jam-packed it with activities.

Friday we arrived and decided to check out the Grand Ol’ Opry hotel.  It’s basically a mini-city inside of a hotel!!  Can you believe they were already setting up Christmas decorations?!  The gardens were just expansive and so beautiful.  We felt like we were walking for hours without ever leaving the hotel!IMG_4255 IMG_4264

We ate at ACME for dinner and I enjoyed an Ahi-tuna burger with sweet potato fries. This TOTALLY hit the spot and was nice to just let go and enjoy the meal.

Saturday I ran 7 miles with my aunt and sister and enjoyed a slow complimentary breakfast at our hotel (Sheraton Music City) before we visited the Parthenon.  I ordered a side of egg whites and they accomodated so easily.  You just have to ASK!  Also had 1/2 cup of oats, a large banana, a half scoop of protein powder and had broughten along Justin’s maple almond butter packets.  These packets are so easy to travel with!  Needed lots of fuel for post-run!

Who knew they replicated the Parthenon in Greece and put it in Nashville?  Inside is Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, and as you can see in the picture was completely stunning with the gold gilding!



IMG_4304 IMG_4314


We listened to live music most of the day at Tippy’s on Broadway street!  We also loved Legends.  Two of the best bars if I would give my recommendations.  We ended up getting tacos for dinner Saturday (no pictures sorry) and stayed out WAY too late!  The live music is so fun!!  These guys were my favorite…


Sunday was a quick day-visited the Ryman Auditorium and then headed to the airport.  We obviously watched the Steelers game as well. (I went to school in Pittsburgh)  My flight was delayed for 45 minutes so I ended up getting home around 11:30 pm Sunday night.  Makes Monday morning feel EXTRA special!


Hope yall had a great weekend as well.  Have you ever been to Nashville?


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