My First Article, November Goal Checklist, and setting December Goals

Hi my friends.


It’s December 2nd already?!  How did that happen.  I am writing out my December goals and wanted to go over the goals I had set for myself in November.

Here we go!!


 1. Check back on article written for local fitness magazine (Personal)

CHECK!  My first article has been PUBLISHED!  It covers all you need to know about ergogenic aids and dietary supplements and how to find a legitimate supplement on the market these days.  I talk about what you want to look for on the label, where to go to do your research, and how products are regulated (they really AREN’T).   You can preview it here!  The hard copy will be in the Austin Fit magazine in December!


2. Travel to Nashville and Tampa to see family members and enjoy the weekends without feeling like I am getting ‘off track’ (Personal)

CHECK!  I enjoyed both my weekends traveling in November.  I drank beer, had burgers and fries at dinner, ate ice cream and fried pickles, went 5 days without lifting weights and didn’t increase my cardio or exercise routine to “burn off” my indulgences.  This was a big win!!

3. Get back to being able to do 8 unassisted pull-ups in a row (Fitness)

CHECK!!! I can now do 10 pull-ups in a row!!  I practice my pull-ups at least 1-2 times per week.  Practice makes perfect and that is really the only way I have improved on these.


4. Create new protein pancake recipes (Nutrition)

CHECK!! See here where I cooked up three different types of pancakes in one weekend.

5. Continue to find new carbohydrate sources for dinner meals so I don’t feel bored with meals (Nutrition)

CHECK!!  New carbohydrate sources I’ve tried: Chocolate Chex cereal, Joseph’s flax and oat bran pitas, Mission extra thin corn tortillas, gold nugget squash, and delicata squash. Loved all these choices but I think my favorites are still kabocha squash and rice cakes 🙂 Oh and Vanilla Chex is pretty amazing too.

Did I make these goals too easy or something??!!

My December goals:

1. Update LinkedIn profile. I have nothing on LinkedIn and it’s kind of sad. (Personal)

2. Find a nice local gym while at home over Christmas in order to keep up with strength training instead of just running outside. (Fitness)

3. Blog every Monday and Friday (outside of What I Ate Wednesday) to be more consistent. (Blog)

4. Work on food photography skills. (Personal and Blog)

5. Try out Title Boxing gym for new workouts. (Fitness)

Ok, here’s to another productive month.  What are your goals?


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