Weekend in Groceries

Happy Tuesday!  I had a super relaxing weekend after traveling for much of November and December and wanted to share some of my favorite weekend shopping trip finds with you all.  And by shopping trip finds, I am obviously talking about grocery shopping finds.  Yes, I did lots of Christmas shopping as well but who likes to talk about clothes and shoes when you could be talking about food.


Has anyone else seen these?  Thank you Walmart.  No, I did not purchase these.  If you or anyone you know has tried them, please let me know.


Coconut butter for 3.99 a jar?!  Thank you Aunt Patty.  You can probably see that I normally pay 7.99-11.99 a jar for coconut butter.  I guess they are discontinuing this brand of organic creamed coconut…tastes just as delicious as Artisana and is organic too!!  I bought every jar that was left on the shelf (6 jars) and now I am in coconut butter heaven.


I made a trip to Trader Joe’s on Saturday and of course spent 2 hours in there which is just really unnecessary.  Have you seen all the Christmas stuff they have? Coffee, cookies, spreads, crackers.  I swear you don’t need to look anywhere else for Christmas party necessities.

First up is the Candy Cane Joe- Joe’s. I actually tried a free sample in the store and they have real candy cane pieces in the creme.  Gives a different crunchy texture to the cookies that was enjoyable.


Next up was there ice creams.  So many flavors-pecan pie, salted caramel, peanut butter tracks, cookie butter, pumpkin, and caramel swirl.  They all looked SO delicious however I’m actually not a huge ice cream person.  I would rather have everything that is IN the ice cream instead of the ice cream part.  Like I normally just pick out the chunks of goodness and leave the ice cream. To each their own I guess!


My final grocery haul clockwise included coconut oil spray (this is my FAVORITE and what I came to TJ’s for), quick cooking steel cut oats, almond butter, organic green beans, shaved brussels sprouts, avocado, carrots, delicata squash, hatch chili salsa, reduced sugar raspberry preserves, bananas, cashew butter, organic broccoli slaw, and organic kale.  I am making a kale, carrot, and avocado salad for a healthy pot-luck at work this week!


I want one of these. The name sounds dirty… “Veggetti” but it’s cheap and makes spiralized noodles out of veggies. I am sure I will leave Target with this one of these days!



Purchased a small haul from Sprouts as well.  I love Sprouts for organic dairy, whole grain gluten-free or sprouts breads, organic cereals, and their nut butters.  I have never had Canyon Bakehouse bread before but I LOVE this bread!  The ingredients are incredible and the macronutrients are on point as well: 1.5 g fat, 15 g carbohydrates, 1 gram protein. The Stonyfield greek yogurt was on clearance!!  This was my first time trying this cereal and I really like it!  Not sure I will buy it again (because there are just too many cereal varieties to buy the same one every time) and I’ve never had Chocolate Cheerios to compare  but I like the subtle sweetness and chocolately flavor.

I am sure I will find some more grocery finds this week too.  I am never far from a Target.

Have you tried any new grocery finds recently?


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