What I Ate Wednesday: The Perfect Body and Fear of Food


Happy Wednesday folks.  I was seriously MIA over the holidays and want to jump back in with a full day of eats.


Goofing off in South Beach during a 2 day trip to Miami when home in Florida for the holidays.

I seriously missed blogging, journaling my thoughts, and all of you!  This blog helps me just as much as I hope to help others.  I think by telling my story, I hope I can inspire others to live a full life.  A full life to me means having goals, working hard, working out hard, and investing in yourself NOT because you want a perfect body, but because you are WORTH it.  Because strength and growth in the gym and kitchen can translate into strength and confidence in other areas of your life.


breakfast//old-fashioned oats cooked in water, mixed in 1/2 scoop vanilla MTS whey after cooking and then topped with 1/4 of a banana, 1-2 T pumpkin puree, plain Fage greek yogurt, 1 tablespoon coconut butter and 1 tablespoon 365 peanut butter. OH and SPRINKLES.

And gaining confidence and balance in food choices can empower you.  Empower you to realize working for a perfect body will not get you where you want to be.


lunch//4 oz tilapia with my favorite Chef Paul “Magic” salmon seasoning with dill and fennel seeds, broccoli slaw, and fresh grape tomatoes. Un-pictured brown rice cake with Earth Balance coconut peanut butter.

Don’t destroy your body for a peace of mind.  If you are trying to lose weight to finally accept yourself, you are doing it wrong.  Because you might never get that peace of mind.  Be happy with your body at the stage it is now.  Work on your inner self, your confidence, your strength.



pre-workout meal// 1 cup Fage 0% greek yogurt, 1 serving Special K cereal, 70 grams blueberries

It’s a shame to be scared of food.  I used to fear eating around my workouts because I didn’t want to be bloated in the gym.  THAT WAS SO STUPID.  Eating around your workouts is so crucial to gaining muscle, leaning out, “toning up” (not a real thing, you need to build muscle to tone up), etc etc.  I always aim to have a good serving of carbohydrates and protein around my workouts.  I had read this for YEARS but somehow thought it didn’t apply to me because I had a “slow metabolism”. Well, HI DEANNA, you’re metabolism is ridiculous and food is there to fuel you, not be feared.  The more you fear food, the more control you give it over your life and the more you are likely to restrict and binge, overeat, or emotionally eat which are the exact patterns I have pulled myself out of with my flexible eating now.


post-workout dinner//fish tacos made with already prepared garlic tilapia, 3 Mission Extra Thin Corn tortillas, cabbage slaw made from broccoli slaw and Bragg’s apple cider vinegar (LOVED this crunch), fresh salsa from the fridge area (not jarred), and a side of broccoli roasted in coconut oil topped with nutritional yeast and a heavy dose of Cholula after the photo.


bedtime meal//chocolate protein lava cake (or a beltsander brownie from Instagram, eaten on the regular) made with 1 scoop chocolate whey protein, 2 tablespoons cocoa powder, 1 tsp baking powder, 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk and microwaved for 30 seconds. Topped with Sunspire dark chocolate chips and 1 tablespoon Whole Foods Brand 365 peanut butter. Un-pictured was 2 Oreo’s dipped in another tablespoon of peanut butter because I knew I hadn’t eaten enough carbs and fat today.

To overcome fear foods, you must face your fears.  I ate 2 Oreo’s daily over the past 2 weeks. Most people would call me unhealthy. Most dietitians would point out the trans fats. Most ‘nutritionists’ would say you need to cut out gluten to eat optimally.  Those 2 Oreo’s along with all the other foods I ate over the holidays while maintaining my weight and size make me realize ALL foods really can fit.  No more clean eating for me.  No more cutting out food groups.  No more restricting.  Food is meant as fuel, not to be feared.  And the more you can gain strength and power in your food choices and what you put in your body, the more you will realize how amazing your body is. And that it doesn’t need to be “perfect”.




16 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: The Perfect Body and Fear of Food

  1. I love what you said about no more restricting. I think that I totally overdid things over the holidays this year because I had been so rigid before my wedding in November. It really is all about balance and moderation with everything. I am a personal trainer and I tell people all the time I take days off when I need to and rest when I need to – it’s nice to see professionals realizing that we’re all only human and we don’t have to always be so strict with ourselves! Glad I found your blog on WIAW! 🙂


    1. So glad you found me as well! I always overdo things if I restrict. So awesome you are a personal trainer!! And yes, even being an RD I am so happy I have decided to share more of my story with food fears, restriction, and thinking I need a perfect body and diet. Even us professionals have issues! Can’t wait to share more with you!


  2. Get those Oreo’s girl! Loved your pics and your mindset! I do find I can loose some serious LBs when I restrict myself, but then I always cave and start with my bad habits. If I just watch how much of the goodness I take in, I think I can work toward a better balance. Thanks for the great post and glad I stopped by! xoxo, ganeeban


    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a note Ganeeban! Seriously Oreo’s and cereal are my jam right now. Restricting is definitely a habit that we can fall into when we need ‘control’ over an aspect of our life but it is similar to a dieting mentality-where you must only eat certain foods at certain times-and that is just an unhealthy relationship with food.


  3. So true! I love that quote that says something about how eating 1 salad won’t make you healthy, just like eating a burger won’t make you unhealthy. Our health is all about what we do consistently and eat the most of…so there’s definitely room for a few treats 🙂


  4. OMG I resonated with everything you said. Beautiful words and an perfect post! I have always compared myself to everyone when it comes to eating and I still have a hard time with the fact that I have to eat a ton compared to others just to barely maintain my weight. I have to tell myself constantly that I have created a fire of a metabolism and if I really want to grow more in the gym like I say everyday I have to get over than fear of eating more and just do it. I also really hated the full, watery feeling after a workout due to having a big bulk of my carbs then, but that is important for growth so that is another thing I have worked on to get over.

    I try to challenge my thoughts when it comes to when I eat, how much and that everything doesn’t need to be perfect all the time but it can be tough. Striving for perfection is a a never ending process and to do that will be you will never be happy. Love yourself now is something everyone should work to gain.

    You oats…omg drool and I have seen those brownies all over IG. They look fantabulous!


  5. Great post. I think facing ones fears is a huge deal. And sometimes I see these suggestions of not eating certain fruits, or never touching grains, and that’s saddening.

    But I try to remember that eating is such an interesting personal journey. Right now I’m working on cutting out processed sugars from my everyday eats. Will I have a macaron if my boyfriend and I go to Paris? Uh yes, I’ll probably have twelve. But do I need a dessert every day? Probably not.

    I hope one day I’ll be better at managing sugar, aka not being a ravenous animal when I eat it. But for now, I recognize it’s not something I can handle. 🙂

    Love this post.


    1. Kay, It is great you have built a relationship with food that entitles you to eat when you are wanting to experience something but know that you don’t need to consume cookies daily if you want just a couple macaroons in Paris. I don’t plan to cut back on processed sugars at this moment (I always follow the 80/20 rule) but it will be interesting to read how you are doing it! Thanks for stopping by!


  6. Thank you so much for being honest about your relationship with food. I am at university studying nutrition and hope to become a dietician as well. I have totally struggled with my relationship with food as well though and tend to be overly restrictive and wind up binging as a result. I have always felt super hypocritical for studying nutrition whilst my own relationship with food isn’t where I want it to be. It is really nice to know that my eating habits don’t need to be perfect before I go into the health profession and that as long as I am working on and continuing to improve my relationship with food that it really is ok not to be perfect.


    1. Libby, Thank you so much for commenting. THIS is exactly why I am sharing my struggles-so I can be more transparent and show others that I am not perfect but have continued to work on my relationship with food. We learn so much chemistry and metabolic processes behind food and the body and medical nutrition therapy in school but sometimes it takes looking within ourselves to heal our bodies of our food relationships. You can’t learn THAT in school!


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