Thinking Out Loud: Revelations over Christmas Break


Over Christmas break, I worked really hard on my inner confidence.  I worked on being confident in my portion sizes and not weighing them out on a scale, being confident in my body, and being confident in allowing my body to have more food than usual and not become anxious.  This was a time of healing.  I don’t need to have deep visible lines in my abs in December and January.  I need to relax with family and enjoy the laughs and memories I am creating with them.  I need to see friends, make important career choices, focus on others.  I do not need to be 10% body fat anymore.  I don’t need to be the tiniest girl in the gym.  I need to love my body and be confident for what it is.  I need to continue to work on balance.  I am the happiest I have ever been with my relationship with food and it can only continue to get better.

I wanted to touch base on some of my revelations I had over Christmas after focusing less on food and more on family.  I am tying in my Thinking Out Loud thoughts as this is totally random and just what I wanted to talk about today at the same time.

1. I have amazing people in my life and I need to cherish the relationships I have and build them stronger.


my boyfriend and I on NYE in Tampa


We went out with my brother and his girlfriend and I loved spending time out with my brother! I hardly ever get to do it since he’s still in school.

2. I survived the Annual Christmas Cookie competition.

My family does a Christmas Cookie competition every year.  This year, I wanting to enjoy the experience but I know I always feel like crap after eating a plate full of cookies.  My technique this year?  Eat 1/2 the cookie. Eat more if I want it.  Don’t beat myself up over it. Work out around the Cookie competition so I didn’t go into a sugar coma. And I had to taste 7 cookies!!  Which were all amazing by the way.  I only got 3rd place and there was some tough competition…


clockwise from the top left: vanilla and chocolate cake pops, creamcheese oreo balls, funfetti oreo cookies, triple chocolate coconut cookies, gingerbread cookie cups with a pumpkin mousse and caramel apple cider sauce, healthy grinch cookies, and my Nutella baklava




3. I really enjoy making beautiful oatmeal creations.  You can see even more on my Instagram.  Food is beautiful, right?

3. IMG_5834



4. Miami is crazy.  I loved the gorgeous weather but just don’t party that hard anymore to enjoy all the nightclubs. Grandma status!  I still went to an amazing dinner though and had the BEST Cuban food ever and saw all I wanted to in South Beach.  I even picked up some cigars for my Dad and Grandpa.


IMG_5738 IMG_5798 IMG_5705 IMG_5728IMG_5746



5. I didn’t wear makeup for about 2 weeks over Christmas break and it was AMAZING.  It was so freeing!  I know there have been a lot of “Makeup Free” campaigns out there and now I understand.  It feels good to feel ‘naturally’ beautiful.  I wear makeup daily at my job because I believe it is more professional but I think I am going to continue the make-up free look on the weekends.





Thank you again for stopping by.  I love to hear your feedback.  See you soon! XOXO




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