What I Ate Wednesday: Breaking Up with Perfect

Do you ever feel like your diet has to be PERFECT?

Do you ever feel like people think your diet is perfect because that is how you make it out to be?  Do you ever feel anxious if your diet isn’t perfect?


my absolutely perfect breakfast// 1/2 cup cream of wheat, 1/2 scoop ProZero vegan organic protein powder, cooked in water, topped with 1 sliced banana and crunchy natural peanut butter

I’ve been working hard over the past several months to overcome my instinct to want a ‘perfect’ diet.  This entails eating the perfect amount of macronutrients, the perfect portions, the perfect amount of calories, and taking perfect pictures of my meals.  I am continuing to work on building my metabolism and eating enough for my activity levels.  I do not need a perfect diet.


my perfect lunch//3-4 oz roasted swai, steamed broccoli slaw, grape tomatoes with a side of peanut butter + plain brown rice cake

I am trying to leave ‘perfect’ behind and go with how I feel.  Am I full? Time to stop eating. Am I hungry? Let’s find something else to eat.  Seems like a simple process but something I think EVERY human struggles with.  Some may struggle daily with eating out at lunch with coworkers and consuming too much.  Some may struggle with this and restrict their foods thinking they must eat a perfect 1000 calories (arbitrary number).  Others may find their struggles in eating the same meals day in and day out because these are ‘perfect’ to them.

I am a perfectionist by nature, so this is HARD.  I am in no way perfect with my diet or with my choices but that’s why I share them.  To hope my struggles along with my knowledge as an RD can help inspire others to realize you CAN make a change.


preworkout meal//1 cup plain Fage 0% greek yogurt, sprinkle of ProZero vegan protein powder (to help give it vanilla flavor), 1 FiberOne Chocolate Peanut Butter brownie, drizzle of Walden Farms sugar free caramel sauce, handful of almonds

For a perfectionist, the anxiety comes whenever you can’t live up to your perfect tendencies.  You ate a FiberOne bar instead of an apple?  You ate 2 servings of almonds instead of 1?  You think you undid all your hard work and get anxious.  I have been there.


postworkout dinner//4 oz shrimp cooked in coconut oil, basil, and oregano, 1 cup brown rice, roasted green beans and brussels sprouts

I am continuing to push back against my perfectionist.  Not only to be able to worry less, but be able to put less stress on others around me.  It takes time and patience to work on your perfectionism.  I am also currently re-reading Intuitive Eating on my Kindle.  To remind myself what mindful, normal eating is.



bedtime meal: pumpkin protein pancakes (1/2 cup oats ground up, 1/2 cup pumpkin, 1/2 cup egg whites, and stevia) cooked in coconut oil spray and topped with PB2 and Walden Farms sugar free pancake syrup with a side of gluten-free cinnamon raisin toast and almond butter.

We are all a work in progress but perfectionism is my current habit I need to break up with.

Thanks Jenn for the link-up to share my eats and thoughts.

Do you struggle with perfectionism?





4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: Breaking Up with Perfect

  1. I totally fall to this. It’s either like, I’m eating 100% perfectly or I’m a total failure and I shouldn’t even try ever.

    It’s so silly because if I was more balanced I’d probably be both happier, and closer to my goals, but it’s hard to do.


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