Friday Favorites #1

Happy Friday Friends!!!  My busy work week has come to an end and I am actually really excited to NOT be traveling this weekend and just be able to run errands, enjoy some ME time, and relax.  And maybe watch the latest episode of The Bachelor that I missed 🙂  After switching time zones TWICE and having some serious jet-leg this past week, I need a low-key weekend.

I’m linking up with Heather to show off what I have been loving this past week.  Go check out her blog -she actually relocated to my hometown!- and I love her mix of workout ideas, healthy eating, and fashion!  Every time I leave her site I tell myself I am going to sign up for StitchFix!

My Weekly Favorites:

  • Restaurants that actually accommodate your order



I went to LazyDog in Temecula, California this past weekend and highly recommend it.  You can order anything a la carte and our waitress accommodated all of the substitutions and changes I made to the menu items.  I ordered blackened mahi mahi with no butter or oil, steamed broccoli, and a side or brown rice and she didn’t mind at all.  She actually told me the side of mahi would be a perfect portion.  A lot of restaurants can make you feel bad for being picky but if you are paying for the food, they should be able to accommodate.  Just ask nicely!

  • The new fanny pack I ordered myself for the gym



These are kind of cute right?  I hate working out with the iPhone arm band and have gotten to the point where my iPhone just doesn’t cooperate when I place it in my sports bra!  I actually saw this idea on Instagram and justified buying it since I had an Amazon gift card from Christmas.

  • A chance to experience the southern California wine country with my sister and cousins

IMG_6191 IMG_6190 IMG_6187 IMG_6193 IMG_6206


  • This meme is my life currently…with Brownie Brittle I found at HEB. You know those crispy leftover edges of brownies that you pick at?  Yes…they made those into an actual grocery store product called Brownie Brittle…




  • Brand new grocery finds



The Special K cereal is a tad too sweet for me!  The Moroccan style whole grains are amazing (barley and kamut with spinach, lentials, raisins and seasoning).  I found these in the freezer aisle next to the organic veggies.  Arctic Zero is pretty good if you need something sweet with basically no nutrition/calories/carbs/fats/protein/anything haha! but don’t think it will taste exactly like ice cream.  The rest of the groceries are pretty much staples!

  • Hiking in California with old friends


The fresh air, the California hills, good conversation, meeting new people, and getting a workout in that doesn’t feel like a workout.  FAVORITE.

So those are some of my FAVORITE things of the week.  Some were experiences, most were food, some was things I learned over this past week about myself.

Any of the above match your favorite items of the week?


6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #1

  1. I was just talking about getting a little pouch for long runs this week! That one is so cheap and so sleek that it would bulk up and be uncomfortable! I might just have to get one myself!


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