WIAW: Instagram and Fitspo Accounts

I had an epiphany earlier this week during a conversation with my boyfriend.  He saw a friend from high school at the gym over the weekend that he hadn’t seen in years.  Let’s call him Jim.  Jim was now into bodybuilding, lifting weights, and fitness.  He was into clean eating-egg whites, oatmeal, chicken and broccoli-but would let himself “go” over the holidays and gain weight.  Then, come January, we would go on a strict diet and restrict his calories so that he could “shred” for the summer.  My boyfriend was blown away by Jim sacrificing his diet and energy levels just to have 6-pack abs come summer.  For some reason, I wasn’t that blown away by this.  Isn’t this “normal”?  Or is this only normal in the ‘fitness industry’.  Am I that blinded by what “normal” is because of fitness?



breakfast//1/2 cup cream of wheat cooked in the microwave with water and 1/2 scoop ProZero (hpnsupplements.com) vegan protein topped with frozen bananas, strawberries, and bloobs, tsp of chia seeds and 2 Tbsp WildFriends chocolate coconut peanut butter. This peanut butter is SERIOUSLY THE BEST.

Why does it seem like every single Instagram fitsp accounts is shredding or ‘getting back on track’ or starting preparation for a show?   Why can’t we all just be OURSELVES and eat healthy and workout and enjoy bodybuilding, lifting weights, and fitness.  Why do we have to be ‘shredded’?  Maybe it is because we don’t have a road race to run or an event to compete in.  What we do (lifting weights) really shapes our body so we enjoy manipulating what we look at in the mirror.  But maybe it is more than that.  Maybe we all need to take a step back and focus on our OVERALL health and not just how lean we are.  What are your thoughts on this topic?  Is leaning out and shredding for the summer a normal thing?  Or is it worth the sacrifice?


The roasted veggies I made on Monday for my lunches this week! Roasted broccoli, orange bell pepper, and red onion in coconut oil at 400F for 30-40 minutes.


lunch//what those beautiful roasted veggies look like in tupperware with 3 oz of cod. Not so pretty anymore!




lunch part 2//Finished lunch with a Nutella stuffed sea salt brown butter cookie made by my coworker and a rice cake with some organic peanut butter.  I was really full after all of this!


Didn’t stop me from eating my preworkout snack//a serving of Chocolate Toast crunch cereal, Fage greek yogurt with cinnamon, and a drizzle of organic PB

IMG_6679 IMG_6682

dinner//Fried egg, half of a baked sweet potato, green beans and shaved brussel sprouts with onion powder and nutritional yeast//snack plate of Silver Hills tiny bread sprouted grain bread, half with PB2 and raw honey and half with PB2 and organic low sugar raspberry preserves (Trader Joe’s) and yes, more Chocolate Toast Crunch…

I also had a protein smoothie and a banana with peanut butter before bed! Forgot to capture that on camera.

Should I feel alone in my quest to just live a healthy life?  I know people really do like “Progress Updates” and following someone’s journey to a competition or an event where they need to be in great shape.  Currently though, I am just not sure I want to occupy that amount of energy and time into what my body looks like.  I enjoy going to the gym and eating healthy.  Isn’t that enough?  Do I need to be shredding for people to want to follow my journey?

My most recent progress:



And if you happened to watch the SuperBowl and love the Food Network…


As always, leave your thoughts below because this was such a baffling idea to me.  And thank you Jenn!

Last week’s WIAW.

Love you all!


15 thoughts on “WIAW: Instagram and Fitspo Accounts

  1. I completely get where you are coming from! I don’t think that it is necessary to starve yourself and feel weak and low on energy at all! I am honestly more inspired by people that hey may not have a 6 pack or be shredded but those who eat real whole food and lots of it, but mainly those people who go to the gym and lift and get stronger every day!


    1. Right? Trying to balance out who inspires me not by what they look like but their message. It’s sometimes hard to decipher! I am motivated by someone else’s experiences and challenges…not just by their abs 🙂


  2. I loved this post! I was obsessed with reading blogs about fitness competitors for a while until I realized how unhealthy they were in order to get ready for their competitions. It’s definitely something a person can only do for a short amount of time and is really taxing on their bodies. There’s nothing wrong with doing some extra situps right before bikini weather but I would definitely not go into shredding mode and completely stress out my body for a 6 pack! Eating real foods, working out and really loving your body is the only sustainable way to a healthy life!


    1. Thank you Cookie for your comments and view on “shredding” for the summer. I am becoming more and more comfortable telling people that I will NOT be competing again in a fitness show. One was an amazing experience and enough for my goals. Can’t wait to check out your blog as well. Have a great weekend!


  3. Absolutely love reading this. Trying to recover from an eating disorder and following all of these fitspo accounts makes me feel like all the things I do aren’t enough and I need to run more or lift more or eat different things to get a nice body. I am totally in your side with this and agree 100% and honestly love following you because you are SO real. Wish we could be best friends in real life!!!! 🙂


    1. Olivia- I am so proud of you to be working on recovery. It is a choice you have to make daily to continue to recover and focus on your long-term health vs the thoughts in your head. Keep it up! If you’re ever in Texas let me know 🙂


  4. I was wondering if you you would mind if I could ask you some questions and you being a dietian and fitness world maybe you would have some insights. It is hard because looking at Instagram and such and sizing and such. I am asking a weird question. What would be a good range for a 5’4 -5’5 person. I have friends saying that I am too little but don’t really feel like I am??


    1. Hi Heather! I am guessing you are asking about a healthy weight for someone 5’4″? I would recommend looking into a BMI chart-a healthy BMI is 18.5-25. For someone who is 5’4″, this correlates to about 108-150 lbs. BMI is sometimes not the best measure due to body frame size and muscle mass but I hope this gives you a quick answer!


  5. Thank you for your response! I struggle to find a healthy happy weight without others criticism. I agree with the bmi charts not always the best way to guide. Do u mind me asking your height:) did you just fall into a comfortable weight. Or would you ever work with someone in determining? I also love your Wed post, I too struggle with restriction too and I enjoy you sharing your thoughts and such. Do you follow macros or how did you come up with a plan or template that works best for u? I struggle with that too:)


    1. I’ve been working on my metabolism for awhile-since my last bikini competition in June 2014. It took committing to reverse dieting, appreciating my body for what it does, and I also reread the book Intuitive Eating. I eat being mindful of macros so that I eat enough but I don’t consistently track! I would love to start coaching but don’t currently take on clients. Oh and I’m also 5’5″ 🙂 Hope that helps!


  6. Thank you for sharing your approach:) would you say for a healthy guideline you stay around the 108- 150 range like the chart says? Or how did you know when you were at a healthy spot for you. I will have to get that book, I have heard good things about it. Where did you go to find a guideline for the reverse dieting? Again thx!


  7. Hi! I just recently found your blog and love what you write about on here! Personally, I am not a fitness competitor and I don’t really have any plans to become one (not knocking it, but it just really isn’t my thing). However, I am very interested in health and nutrition due to my own struggles with food, diets, crazy cardio, etc. I can’t say that I have had an official eating disorder, but I’ve always had a very unhealthy relationship with food for as long as I can remember. For many years, I’ve had a diet mentality that caused me to fear or restrict certain foods (dessert is my weakness 😉). I’ve also been afraid of getting “bulky” from weight lifting. Recently, I have begun my journey to healing my relationship with food and getting over my fears of the weight room. Blogs and Instagram accounts like yours have played a role in me overcoming these challenges. Sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to encourage you to continue sharing your health and fitness journey! Like I said, it has really been beneficial to me gaining more balance in my life with diet and exercise. It has been very inspiring to see women who aren’t afraid of lifting weights and who are focusing on looking fit rather than skinny. I hope this trend continues to grow in our appearance obsessed world!

    If you ever get the chance, it would be great to hear your thoughts and tips on getting started weight training, especially for those who’ve had a “cardio only” mentality.


  8. Hi Deanna,

    I just recently found your blog and have been reading through some of your awesome posts. As a personal trainer and a recovering ED survivor, I really identify with this post. I am not really interested in pushing my body to the extremes the fitness world seems to support these days. But, I do feel the pressures of “having” to look like that for people to “take me seriously” and “accept me.” I find a lot of times I have to take a step back from social media (which, unfortunately, is something I need to keep up with for my business) because it’s triggering to look at!

    I think fitness and health look different on everyone and we shouldn’t be put in a one-size-fits-all box. It’s sad that there isn’t more encouragement out there to just eat and exercise in a healthy, balanced, manor. I find it very hard to find motivational content for my clients that don’t support one extreme or another. I also find it frustrating that there is so much bad information out there that all of it has become the “normal” way to do things. Which makes it hard for those of us who are certified, educated, professionals to have others follow the healthy way of doing things that won’t permanently damage your body…But that’s another topic! haha.

    Anyways, I really love your down-to-earth outlook and straight forward blog posts. I definitely will continue reading your blog!


    1. Wow thank you Leah for such a kind note. I will continue to write to show others what balance looks like in my life. It may not be right for everyone but what works for me and that’s just it. I am here to motivate others to find what works for them and help them along if they need it. Thank you so much!


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