WIAW: Consistency over Precision

Happy Thursday!  So this is a What I Ate Wednesday post, posted on Thursday, talking about my eats from Tuesday…confusing enough huh?  I wanted to talk a little about how I think consistency is really the key to any type of nutrition program vs precision.  No matter what ‘diet’ or lifestyle you believe in.  I think so many people are caught up on counting carbs, cutting out foods, going Paleo, and restriction in their diet that sometimes you forget to look at the big picture.  Consistency is the ticket.  Even though I seriously hate that word because what does it even mean?  How consistent do you have to be to see results?  What if I’m eating healthy but not consistent?  I see ALL the time people want to make the change but just can’t stick with it.  Well, if you follow a diet for 5 days, you are inconsistent.  If you try reverse dieting but aren’t consistent and restrict some days, you are inconsistent.  Aiming to be at least 90% consistent is my rule of thumb.  What does that look like?  Well, let’s take a look.

WIAW 4.7.15 010

breakfast//1/2 cup oats cooked with 1/2 scoop ProZero whipped vanilla vegan protein, topped with 4 large strawberries and 2 Tbsp of coconut butter drizzle

Oatmeal is consistent because I love it.  I eat protein oatmeal with a fruit and 2 Tbsp healthy fat 5 times per week (weekends I eat a lower fat breakfast and usually opt for a smoothie because I work out in the morning).

WIAW 4.7.15 012

lunch// (actually eaten in a Pyrex at work) 4 oz ginger cumin white fish (usually wild-caught cod or tuna or halibut, but this is swai), broccoli slaw, and 1 Joseph’s Oat Bran High Fiber pita dunked in 2 T almond butter

WIAW 4.7.15 013

preworkout: fun new Target finds- Vanilla cupcake greek yogurt, vanilla almonds, and fresh fruit (blood orange and grapes) for those preworkout carbs! This is my meal I really like to play around with!  Balanced intake for the win!



postworkout: 1 egg, 5 egg whites sauteed in coconut oil, organic kale mix, roasted kabocha squash, 2 pieces Little big bread with peanut flour spread and low sugar jelly

WIAW 4.7.15 006






March 2015 055 WIAW 4.7.15 008

meal 5 or bedtime snack// I wanted a mix of everything! Homemade blueberry protein muffin with 1 T PB, 1 square 72% Ghirardelli dark chocolate, and a Beltsander brownie made with Red velvet Trutein protein powder, cocoa powder, and almond milk topped with Artic zero, 1 more T peanut butter, and Enjoy Life chocolate chips. Always a mix of protein (protein powder in the Beltsander brownie and blueberry muffin), carbs (oats in the muffin and ice cream), and healthy fats (2 T PB and some from the dark chocolate).

This is me being consistent 90% of the day with my eats and then allowing myself a little wiggle room with dessert.  I measure out the peanut butter but the chocolate-that is a wiggly line that I don’t want to deal with. Eat a little chocolate daily and it all evens out!

Hop on over to The Big Man’s World if you want to see more What I Ate Wednesday eats!

Are you very precise with your diet?  Have you seen changes by just being consistent?


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