WIAW: “Fit” Shaming

Happy Wednesday!  I swear one of these days I will get better at posting more than once a week!  But this month is NOT one of those times.  I have been traveling a lot and making some life transitions.  I swear I will post about it when the time is right 🙂

IMG_9422IMG_9445 IMG_9441Spent the weekend traveling to see the boy and had an amazing time.  We went to a gorgeous wedding and I got to see old friends!

I posted on Instagram the other day regarding ‘fit’ shaming and then actually saw that KatieFitScript posted a blog about the same thing as well.  I think it’s an interesting topic and something I think my clients get a lot of when they are trying to make lifestyle changes.  I also have felt the scrutiny of others if I eat healthy while on vacation, or skip the cake at the office, or plan a workout into my day while with friends.  I either get “well you don’t eat that”.  Or “you don’t really eat all that do you?” if I decide to eat something deemed “unhealthy”.  Or “you’re thin enough, you don’t need to workout”.


Breakfast//Cookie Dough Protein Oatmeal//3/4 cup oats cooked with water and ProZero whipped vanilla protein powder (Discount Code: dietitiandeanna) in the microwave for 2 minutes topped with 1 Tbsp homemade coconut butter and 1 Tbsp You Fresh Naturals (Discount Code: dietitiandeanna) chocolate chip coco-nut butter.

The thing is, if I had always listened to the “shaming” that others put on me, I would never be where I was today.

I would have never started a blog.

I would have never competed in an NPC bikini competition.

I would have never opened my own small business.

I would have never realized how strong I am, mentally and physically.

I would have feared making changes because it made other people uncomfortable. And people don’t like that feeling.


Lunch//Cinnamon Vanilla French Toast// 3 slices Alvarado Street Flax bread soaked in 3/4 cup egg whites, vanilla extract and cinnamon cooked over the stovetop and then topped with SF honey and FF reddi-whip.  Side of mixed veggies and the rest of the egg whites (only soaked the bread in about 1/2 cup of the egg whites).

And the funny thing?  2-3 months down the line, those same people who were “uncomfortable” at first will probably ask HOW you do it. How you made the changes, how you make the choice to take care of yourself, how you overcome your fears to take the next step.

IMG_9519 IMG_9529IMG_9467Snacks//MuscleCombat Crunch bar in Cinnamon Twist, Gala apple (not my favorite variety!) almonds, and the last of my FiberOne sea salt caramel bars (didn’t actually love these-want to make my own!).


Dinner//MahiMahi sandwich//Trader Joe’s Mahi-Mahi burgers, 2 slices whole wheat high fiber bread made into an open-faced sandwich, broccoli slaw, and a hunka hunka of a sweet potato.

Don’t be afraid to order a customized meal at a restaurant, to bring your snacks, to apply for that job, to go for a run, to start a business.

Own your life.

Own your choices.

If this is really your LIFE, people will finally begin to notice and will want to know HOW you do it. Not tell you that you shouldn’t or can’t.

IMG_9539 IMG_9540Bedtime meal//3 organic brown rice cakes 3 ways-one with PB, raisins and chocolate chips, one with REAL (not sugar-free) strawberry jam, and one with Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter along with a strawberry banana protein smoothie (1 frozen banana, 1/2 scoop Optimum Nutrition all-natural vanilla whey, 2-3 frozen strawberries, unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon and ice).

Have you ever been “fit” shamed?

And finally, progress Photos:



8 thoughts on “WIAW: “Fit” Shaming

  1. I don’t think it’s really fit shaming – it’s people simply being uneducated. We lI’ve in a society where you only eat healthy and exercise when trying to lose weight.

    With that said, I think “rules” In general are extremely dangerous. If my job brings in cake or orders pizza 1 slice isn’t going to change my body. I truly feel tracking macros are just as dangerous as tracking calorie…too rule oriented and quite honestly, tracking macros becomes very difficult when you have kids, a husband, a job and a “life”….not only that, but I don’t want my daughters not to enjoy life simply because they went over their carb intake …


    1. Genie, Thanks for stopping by! Glad to hear your opinions. I don’t follow set “rules” and just do what makes me feel good both physically and mentally. I hope you do the same! Email me if you would like to talk more!


  2. Fit Shaming is very real in my life. People are always commenting about my eating whether it’s too much or too little. When they see my constant snacking, they say things like “how do you eat so much and stay so skinny?” On the other hand, when I order a salad, they say “you’re so skinny, you need to eat more!” I feel like I’m constantly having to defend myself which isn’t fun at all.


  3. Story. Of. My. LIFE! I don’t take offense to it anymore, but it’s tough when you’ve got haters. My coworkers give me a hard time because I don’t eat the birthday cake or the random brownies someone brings in for fun. But they also gawk at my giant lunch, which (as an example) is a giant sweet potato, hunk of salmon, on a bed of spinach, topped with salsa. They’re like…”You’re going to eat ALL of that?!? That’s a LOT of food.” Um, yes. And I’ll eat a Quest Bar an hour later. They judge me for eating so much, but then they judge me for exercising. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?! Good news. My art director is jumping on the Whole 30 plan. I like that plan. Granted, my lifestyle doesn’t reflect that plan. I drink wine (every night) and eat Greek yogurt daily. But most of that plan is good. So I’m going to help my girl on her journey. But let me end with this: I don’t see the judgement as “fit shaming”. I see envy. I love my coworkers, but I know they wish they had the drive to live like I do. I nuked a sweet potato, and I saw the defeat in my photographer’s eyes when he tossed a Hot Pocket in right after. I’m not really offended by what my buds say in regards to my food. I try to offer nuggets of encouragement. We’ll see how that goes!


  4. Love that post! Choosing to eat my way always makes people ask lots of questions, even though I’m eating lots of delicious foods. I was wondering do you take clients?


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