WIAW: Life Lately

Life has gotten a little crazy around these parts with a recent move, change in jobs, family death, traveling with work, several weddings and overall a lot of LIFE that is happening.  Some days, I can’t imagine life outside being ‘fit’ and the feeling that that brings me.  And then other days (or weeks) I am struggling to even drive by a gym, sleep more than 6 hours a night, or get to the grocery store.IMG_2322

I now travel a lot more now and am on the road.  I haven’t made it a priority to eat before I leave the house so I usually eat on the road or when I am answering emails in the morning.  I drink my beloved (decaf) coffee before this with almond milk and stevia! I know I know- I’m sensitive to caffeine!!

8 am//Huge bowl of cream of wheat (a little more than 1/2 cup) cooked with water for 3 minutes, added 1/2 scoop PES Snickerdoodle protein powder, handful of frozen organic blueberries, and topped with YouFreshNaturals Cinnamon pecan coconut almond butterIMG_1956

11:30 am//Lunch out with a client. Usually try to order a lean protein and vegetables with minimal oil and butter – then I don’t feel weighed down and feel better overall. This was a delicious quinoa grilled shrimp salad with chunks of sweet potato, cucumber, and bell peppers.  I just asked for the feta cheese and dressing on the side!  I used about 1/2 the cheese and honestly didn’t need the dressing. IMG_1754

3:00 pm snack//Lite and fit greek yogurt, fresh organic strawberries, and almondsIMG_2090

7:30 pm//Cedar plank salmon, roasted asparagus/mushroom/tomato and onions, sauteed bell peppers and onions with a Caramel Coconut chewy bar from my recent Target stash 🙂



9 pm//1 huge piece of vanilla protein cheesecake with creamy peanut butter, raspberries, and mini dark chocolate chips

I honestly didn’t work out on this day (Monday) and took a rest day after a weekend of travel.  Rest days have been my savior since moving and I am really listening to my body and not pushing it.  Sometimes, huge life events put us exactly where we need to be!

Wanted to add some fun photos from my recent travels as well:

IMG_2247Black tie wedding in Philadelphia

IMG_2198IMG_2279Downtown Philadelphia site-seeing!

IMG_1990Harbor of Boston

IMG_1828Hiking in Maine

IMG_1796And finally gym progress about 1 week ago 🙂


What can I post for you now that life has settled down a little?!


9 thoughts on “WIAW: Life Lately

  1. I’m looking all over your site for your protein cheesecake recipe. Ahhhh I can’t find it. Can you help a sistah out?

    -Dream of Cheesecake


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