Current Fitness Routine

Working out isn’t always my favorite.

Even though I love fitness, I lose motivation too.

On days when I work a demanding job for up to 12 hours, keep up with clients, manage emails and a small business,  drive 2 hours round trip, and make time for friends, family, and a boyfriend, while still getting settled in from a move and having personal goals and hobbies, (and attempt to blog…) there are MANY days I just don’t know how I will get a workout in.  BUT I honestly can say I ALWAYS feel better after a good workout and thus, I push through the unmotivated times by reminding myself of that.  I’d almost describe how great I feel after a workout as a runner’s high…that “high” that I never found when I was running miles upon miles but finally found lifting heavy weights and challenging myself and trying new things. IMG_2365

So, what kind of workouts have I been doing now that I am short on time but still want to stay relatively ‘fit’?

Here is my training split currently:

Mon: Rest day

Tues: Shoulders/triceps

Wed: Back/Abs

Thurs: Yoga and StairMaster (15-20 minutes)

Friday: Legs

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: Chest/Biceps


I have been taking 2 full rest days which has been a nice welcome with my schedule.  I have also been listening to my body and taking another off day if I need it and usually just end up walking my dog.  I have been attempting to get to a yoga class 1 time per week to help with stretching and stress but alas, I am not always successful.  I do warm-up before workouts for 10 minutes and cool down for 10 minutes as well (either done on the treadmill, elliptical, or stairs).  Some of those days I will do HIIT workouts instead of steady state as my cool-down if I didn’t sweat enough but nothing is ever over 10 minutes.


Most workouts focus on 2-3 movements per body part with 3 sets of anywhere from 8-12 reps.  I also try to include a leg movement on the 3 days I don’t work legs as a finisher! This may look like step-ups, dumbbell deadlifts, or kettlebell sumo squats.

This has been my training the past 2 weeks but may change in the next 2 weeks.  I love variety and need something new all the time which is definitely what hinders me – I can’t stick to the same procotol/program without wanting to switch it up even though I typically recommend that to others!! (No one’s perfect eh?!)

What does your workout routine currently look like?


6 thoughts on “Current Fitness Routine

  1. You’re in such amazing shape and your core is so tiny, that is my goal! My current split is four days a week:
    Monday: Chest, Triceps, and Biceps
    Tuesday: Cardio
    Wednesday: Legs
    Thursday: Back and Shoulders

    Can you please give me feedback if this is a good split? When creating a workout program, do you decide on a split and then add exercises that work that muscle for the corresponding day?


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