What I Ate Wednesday

Hi Friends!!

I’m finally joining up for another What I Ate Wednesday party.  I am SORRY I have been a little MIA but yes, the same excuse you will always hear – life has gotten crazy. In a really really good way though!  I’ve been spending lots of my time exploring Tampa with the boyfriend, meeting new friends, hanging out with old friends and my family who live in the area, working, trying out new restaurants, traveling for business, working with clients, creating programs, running and expanding a small business, meeting up with Instagram friends, finding a new gym, creating new recipes, traveling for fun, and photographing my food 🙂


Now onto my recent eats.  I actually took all these pictures LAST Saturday on a day I could photograph all my eats!!  So yes, I wanted this post to go up last week but that somehow didn’t happen between all of the above 🙂


post-workout breakfast//Strawberry smoothie bowl base, banana slices, pieces of CombatCrunch PB cup bar, protein Cheerios, and chocolate protein drizzle.  The base is made with 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 cup frozen strawberries, ProZero whipped vanilla protein, ice, xantham gum, and water.


lunch//Half a huge slice of Greek pizza while out and about exploring the city! This was from my local Publix Greenwise (a Publix chain that sells more non-GMO, organic items) and had a great multi-grain crust! Full of kale, red onions, mushrooms, black olives, avocado, and tomato – the cheese was pretty sparse so it didn’t feel heavy at all.


THEN this beautiful package came in the mail. THANKS ANGELICA!! The Arctic Zero team are literally angels and so sweet. I am blessed to have been sent a care package to try ALL their flavors.  I wish they sold all these flavors around me!


snack//Roasted kabocha and butternut squash (was already prepped), organic plain greek yogurt from Trader Joe’s with stevia, cinnamon and a tbsp of MTS Whey Cinnagram flavor, Trader Joe’s Oatmeal Flakes (newest obsession), chunks of 1/4 of a Pumpkin Pie quest bar, protein Cheerios, and a drizzle of peanut butter!


Dinner//Veggie burger and 3/4 of the fries 🙂 Along with a starter of sautéed brussel sprouts and sweet potato ravioli.


Always dessert//Double chocolate mugcake (I will be posting my favorite mugcake recipes tomorrow!) with vanilla greek yogurt sandwiched in the middle and topped with 2 Oreos, Coconut Nuts ‘N More and Fat-Free Reddi-whip!

That’s it for now.  Thank YOU for following along.  Yes, I am promising more posts to come.  I have a lot more thoughts on food, new recipes, updates on where I am on my progress, strength training, tons of scenarios I have been receiving from my clients that I want to discuss, and more.

What else would you like to see as well?

Current progress picture for accountability:


Now go enjoy the rest of your Hump day and week! xoxo


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