WIAW: How a Dietitian Flexible Diets

Flexible dieting.  Not really a diet. But more of an understanding of macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fat) and a concept that you can truly fit any food into a healthy eating plan.

Others may call this diet the “IIFYM” or “If it fits your macros” but I honestly do not LOVE that term as I don’t track my “Macros” on a consistent basis but still feel like I eat a ‘flexible diet’ because NO foods are off-limits.  I don’t track calories or use a food app like MyFitnessPal.  I still eat a plant-based diet and load my day with nutrient-rich foods that will help me extend my life, reduce inflammation in my body, create a healthy gut and GI system, recover quickly, and enable me to perform like an athlete.


breakfast//Peanut butter banana pancakes with a vanilla PB glaze, banana slices, and chocolate chips. Recipe is super similar to these but is actually in the comments on my Instagram.

Flexible dieting helped me overcome many of my anxieties I had in the past.  The anxieties included cutting out food groups, and all-or-nothing thoughts about food.  Flexible dieting pulled me out of my ‘clean-eating’ only and allowed me to eat more than just oats and sweet potatoes and broccoli (even though I love all three).

IMG_5958 IMG_5969IMG_5965IMG_6006lunch//Organic spring mix topped with warm Trader Joe’s chicken-less strips (made with soy protein, vital wheat gluten and pea protein for 20 g of protein per serving) and a salad dressing mixture of Apple Bourbon BBQ sauce with a little water. Side of sweet potato chips from Trader Joe’s.

IMG_6029 IMG_6028

snack//plain greek yogurt with vanilla stevia drops, organic raspberries, and Kashi Go Lean cereal.  Other snack ideas here.

I have never felt more confident in the knowledge I have around nutrition, metabolism, digestion and absorption, and how to fuel for health, longevity, and performance.  I feel confident with the food choices I make and the ones I recommend to others (but it completely varies by client, goals, and health).  I attribute most of that to my schooling (I obtained my Master of Science in Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition) but CAN NOT discredit all that ‘flexible dieting’ has taught me.


dinner//Was actually 1/2 a can of wild salmon sauteed in coconut oil + broccoli slaw steamed and topped with hummus and roasted acorn squash but I will share this photo since I ate salmon and green beans the other day with a couple of onion rings 🙂

IMG_5985 IMG_5979 IMG_5991

dessert//High protein cookie dough recipe. You NEED this recipe. I will share tomorrow!

I’m SO content not ever needing to try another cleanse, never cutting out food groups, and truly realizing the power of ALL foods in my diet.  Flexible dieting taught me more than just what a carb is, because I already knew that.  But what flexible dieting DID teach me was to listen to my body more.  To not label foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but what can best promote a long, healthy, and HAPPY life.

Do you flexible diet?

Don’t forget to stop over here for more full day of eats!

17 thoughts on “WIAW: How a Dietitian Flexible Diets

  1. It’s great you found food freedom in flexible dieting. That’s something everybody should be able to achieve – if they ever lost it, that is. Sadly the reality for many of us these days. I eat similarly – no macro or calorie tracking, no foods off limits – but would call it [trying to get back to] intuitive eating. No matter the name: it’s a good way of viewing food.


    1. Yes yes yes. Thank you for leaving your thoughts. I’m not sure if it’s society creating the problem, our own minds, trying to achieve perfection or what but ‘dieting’ is such a problem today! 1200 calories, clean eating, Paleo etc is just the norm. Truly understanding more about nutrition seems too “simple” and definitely not going to get the “rapid results” people want in a “diet”!


  2. Your pancakes always look so tasty, from what I see on instagram 🙂 I’ll be taking the RD test in the next month, and I share your opinions about flexible dieting – although I have never tracked macros or anything. I just like to eat 🙂 I WANT that cookie dough recipe NOW!!


  3. I love your blogs. I have been reading a lot about counting Macros and I would love to start to do it but I’m scared to start. I eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, very small lunches (Apple and mozzarella sticks or nuts) and a bigger dinner but healthy. I rarely ever snack. I definitely over indulge on the weekends though.. mostly Sunday’s I eat what I want. I’m just nervous to gain weight. I’m not overweight but definitely could lose some extra pounds and trim down a little. I just need help to get over my fear of eating more. Also, I’m getting married July 8th. Can you help? Sorry this is long😏


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