What I Ate Wednesday: Day in the Life

Happy Hump Day!!


Welcome to another full day of eating!  Wanted to share with you a day in the life of this past Sunday. Life can be crazy on the weekdays but sometimes my weekends are even more jam-packed due to client check-ins, obligations for my nutrition consulting company, issues that come up at work, or even just family/friends obligations.

I do want to state that 2016 is a year of taking steps outside of my comfort zone, and although I love making meals in my kitchen, I want to experience more, connect more, and connect deeper with others.  I want to truly live LIFE which may mean random lunch dates, happy hours, ice cream trips, and spontaneous travel.  And instead of saying no because I may be uncomfortable or feel like I’m losing control, I will say yes. There will ALWAYS be days where I can rest and recover…right?!

8:30 AM: Roll out of bed and made a huge cup of decaf coffee with a splash of almond milk and a few drops of Sweet leaf vanilla stevia.  Enjoy a little quite time by checking my inbox for the 4 different email accounts I hold and make sure I’m caught up on items that need to get done that day.

9:00 AM: Make homemade vanilla maple almond butter (random, yes, but I was craving some, I didn’t want to run to the store, and I have a stock-pile of raw almonds). Scroll social media for a bit to comment/like/interact with everyone.

9:30 AM: Head to gym for a full-body circuit workout. The workout took me about an hour.  My Dad and brother have been asking for a tour of my new gym so I met them there at 11:00 am (my gym is about 10-15 minutes away) and showed them all the fun equipment and everything I love about the place.

11:30 am: Lunch at Fresh Kitchen with family and the boy.  I trained fasted after being up late Saturday night and not feeling super hungry.  I got a bowl with kale slaw (hidden), mashed cinnamon sweet potatoes, sesame green beans, and teriyaki chia seed tofu. This local Tampa restaurant is my FAVORITE. Hands down.  It is similar to a Chipotle with how you order-where you can see all the items and pick and choose a bowl- but it’s not Mexican-themed, everything is gluten and dairy free (unless indicated), the meat is hormone-free, and everything is super FRESH.


1:00 PM: Walk around downtown Tampa and explore a little bit before heading home and watching football with the man.  Go Steelers!!!

2:00 PM: Shower and wash my hair.  I’m only adding this here because washing my hair is a true gift these days… #DryShampooFTW

2:30 PM: Start brainstorming for a freelance blog article I am doing.

3:00 PM: Whip up a quick chocolate banana protein smoothie.  The smoothie had 1 frozen banana, 1 T Hershey’s dark cocoa powder, about 3/4 scoop Pescience Cookies and Cream protein powder blend, tons of ice, water, and a pinch of xantham gum.  On the side I had a Thomas’ Cranberry english muffin (Seasonal flavor) found at Target topped with homemade vanilla maple almond butter and cinnamon.  I love the doughiness of these english muffins and the tart lemony cranberry taste.  I would highly recommend 10/10.

thumb_IMG_6876_1024 thumb_IMG_6880_1024

3:30 PM: Whip up my new favorite snack: Funfetti Protein Cake and have a small piece. I also posted the recipe to my Instagram @DietitianDeanna-I followed the recipe by these gals and added variation with sprinkles!

thumb_IMG_6905_1024 thumb_IMG_6899_1024

4:00 PM:  Catch up on the end of the Steelers game (WOOHOO) and then run errands with the boy.  We exchanged some Christmas presents and went to Target for groceries and essentials. Of course bought way more than just essentials.

7:00 PM: Made dinner with the man which ended up being super simple. Scrambled eggs, broccoli and broccoli slaw roasted in coconut oil, cayenne, curry, and truffle sea salt topped with Trader Joe’s roasted garlic hummus. Along with an Ole’ Xtreme Wellness high fiber wrap for more hummus dippage.  Talked and laughed with the man about upcoming travel, jobs, etc and started prepping some items for the upcoming work week (baked fish and roasted squash).

thumb_IMG_6920_1024 thumb_IMG_6919_1024

8:00 PM: Emails and check-ins with clients. Adjust programs, start programs for a couple new clients, answer questions, and write out notes/updates on each client.

10:45 PM: Finish client emails and meal prep, check work emails.

10:50 PM: Decide it’s time for dessert and finish the night with a big chocolate cookie bowl of heaven. A container of plain Fage greek yogurt with 2 Tbsp Cookies and Cream protein, 1/2 Cookies and Cream Fit Crunch bar,  2 Oreo’s, and a drizzle of peanut butter after the photo.

thumb_IMG_6531_1024 thumb_IMG_6536_1024

11:30 PM: Pack my gym bag for Monday and foam roll a little bit. Text with a couple friends and coworkers.

11:50 PM: Finally hop into bed. Good night!!

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