Thinking Out Loud

Ok, so here goes. My very first Thinking Out Loud post.  Thank you Amanda for these amazing weekly totally-random-but-totally-up-my-alley posts.  Sometimes on Thursdays, all you can think about is Friday and your brain just needs a break. Hear me?!


1. Coming back from vacation is hard. Like really hard. I ended up talking this over with a good girlfriend.  Why do we always have to be in a sullen mood after coming back from a vacation?  I know I usually get into such a funk once I am back into my regular life.  Like, how can I be sitting on top of the Grand Canyon one day and then at my computer desk the next day?  Sometimes it just gets to me.  My fix: GRATITUDE.  Realizing how freakin’ amazing it was to even have the means to go on the vacation.  Being grateful for the amazing experience it was versus being mad or sad you are back.  Try it the next time you are in a funk after a long fun weekend or vacation!IMG_3555

2. I really wish I was excited for Halloween this year but I am just not. There, I said it.  I feel like a terrible person.  I used to be OBSESSED with dressing up with my friends (ie. Spice Girls, Barbies, Wizard of Oz, the list goes on and on) but this year I am just not. that. into. it.

3. Is it wrong to STILL be putting pumpkin in my oatmeal daily?  If it is, I don’t want to be right.  The key is not to add the pumpkin until after the oats are cooked.  I like my oats more on the crumbly, dry side (not too liquidy) and adding pumpkin in before cooking would just make it mushy.  You understand me right?!

4. They were giving out free Justin’s Maple Almond butter packets at my job yesterday and I literally hoarded them.  Like, I secretly went back to the stash approximately 5 times to get just ‘a couple more’ so that it looked like I only took 5 packets but I really took 5 x 5 packets….sorry about it!!  How perfect are these to take to work?  Because you know I usually bring a whole jar of nut butter to work to have on my rice cakes at lunch…YES I’m that addicted to peanut butter.


5. I have a current obsession with donuts. Yes, I said it.  Most people think donuts are appalling, yet for some reason I can’t get them out of my head. Maybe its because I haven’t eaten one in over a year and I just need to taste it and be done with it. Or maybe its because I like to do my grocery shopping AFTER the gym and they just always look so dang delicious.  I was THIS close to buying a box of pumpkin donuts at Walmart yesterday. Like who am I?! No donuts made the cut on my shopping excursion but 2 jars of peanut butter, hot sause, and orange flavored selzer water did make the cut.  But they sure are pretty…


Thanks for listening to my rambles on this beautiful Thursday.

Come back tomorrow for a Friday post covering “Why You Aren’t Losing Weight”…it’s gonna be a good one!!